Make Duplicate Payments a Thing of the Past

Duplicate payments occur when a company pays the same invoice twice. These payments often include invoice-to-Pcard, Pcard-to-Pcard, and invoice-to-T&E transactions. Believe it or not, anywhere between .05% to .1% of payments are duplicates, equating to about $1,000,000 in duplicate payments for every $1B in spend. So what exactly does this mean for your organization? A lot of lost profits, to say the very least.
If Your Profit Margin Is Every $100,000 Recovered Is Like
1% $5M – $10M in Sales
2% $2.5M – $5M in Sales
5% $1M – $2M in Sales

What Makes DataShark A/P Different

Unlike other audit software, DataShark A/P uses an unmatched refinement process to remove false positives and deliver a 50% or higher duplicate payment hit rate. It can significantly reduce your resource needs by up to 75%.
Thanks to its ability to intelligently refine the candidate list, DataShark A/P is able to run an unlimited number of algorithms against large volumes of data for the most comprehensive analysis in the marketplace.

What to Expect From DataShark A/P

  • Refinement of duplicate payment list to remove false positives and deliver a 50% and higher true duplicate payment rate.
  • Intelligent refinement grows and learns, to further increase the true duplicate payment rate.
  • Exponentially more algorithms than typical audit software for a deeper, more comprehensive dive on the data.
  • An intuitive and dynamic tracking and recovery module to enable efficient research and recovery efforts providing real-time results.
  • Detailed root cause analysis reporting with customizable categories to quantify and address breakdowns.
  • Identification of duplicate payments across any number of disparate ERP systems.
  • P-Card duplicate payments detection, including invoice-to-pcard and p-card-to-pcard.
  • T&E duplicate payment detection including invoice-to-T&E and T&E-to-T&E.
  • Identification of duplicate payments within any currency and across multiple currencies.
  • Updates may be taken daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly based on your needs.