Achieve Your Negotiated Savings

Incentive pricing, discounts, and volume incentive rebates (VIR) are some of the methods purchasing uses to increase savings for a company. The impact of such agreements can provide significant value when they are implemented and enforced accordingly. Unfortunately, breakdown occurs and these terms are not always realized by a company.

Contract Compliance Reviews

Technology Insight’s accounts payable Recovery Audit Services can include a contract compliance review. The savings recognized by a contract compliance review can double your company’s recoveries.
Outside of its Recovery Audit Services, Technology Insight provides data analysis solutions to purchasing and supply chain organizations for detailed spend analysis and purchase order management analysis. In addition, our technology is used by consortiums to analyze, negotiate, monitor, and enforce preferential pricing and savings. Technology Insight uses the force of its technology and expertise in the purchase-to-payment arena to maximize returns due to non-compliance in our Recovery Audit Services.