spend-analysisDataShark Supply Chain overcomes the complexities of the data and environments to provide supply chain organizations with the business intelligence needed to identify opportunities to greater leverage the supplier base and increase savings.

DataShark Supply Chain differentiates itself from other spend analysis solutions as it goes beyond PO spend to encompass non-PO spend enabling a much more accurate understanding of supply chain’s role in the overall spend of the company. Comprehensive operational reporting provides a thorough analysis on the supply chain process and uncovers inefficiencies and lack of adherence to process.

Spend Analysis

Supply chain is tasked with the vital responsibility of maximizing savings through increased leverage of the supplier base. In order to identify such opportunities, supply chain must have the proper tools to perform detailed spend analysis – be it for one system or multiple, disparate systems. The ability to analyze 100% of spend across companies, across geographies, across systems at a level as detailed as material requires a robust analysis tool.

Spend Analysis Features Include:

  • shield_smallSpend by supplier
  • shield_smallCommodity level spend analysis
  • shield_smallSpend by material for the most detailed level of analysis.
  • shield_smallGeneral ledger and plant level spend analysis.
  • shield_smallPurchasing category analysis, unique to Technology Insight, and much more.

Purchase Order Management

DataShark Supply Chain provides analysis on all stages of the PO process from creation-to-close, so you can identify inefficiencies and breakdowns in your business processes.

PO Management Features Include:

  • shield_smallDetailed analysis on PO use by vendor, buyer, and user
  • shield_smallAnalysis of after the fact POs to understand where the process is being faked
  • shield_smallReports highlighting the number and types of changes being made to POs
  • shield_smallPO aging and much more.

Spend Management

DataShark Supply Chain provides repeatable analysis to target and quantify process inefficiencies in the purchasing function, rationalize the supplier base for greater cost savings, and identify and shut-down maverick spending.

Spend Management features include:

  • shield_smallComprehensive PO analysis from creation-to-close to identify breakdowns and inefficiencies in the process.
  • shield_smallAnalysis of spend commodity-by-commodity (and other levels) to rationalize the supplier base for greater economies of scale.
  • shield_smallPO and non-PO spend analyzed from various angles to identify sources of maverick spend and quantify the impact on savings.

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