Gain Control of Your Vendor Master File

Unclean Vendor Master Files can have a critically negative impact on the entire Purchase-to-Pay data cycle. It affects not only Accounts Payable but also the Purchasing department, with the potential to bring unwanted tension to vendor-client relationships.

Top 5 Ramifications of Unclean Vendor Master Files

  • shield_smallMissed Discounts and Contract Incentives
  • shield_smallInaccurate Spend Analysis and Reduced Negotiating Power
  • shield_small1099 Tax Reporting and Compliance Issues
  • shield_smallFraud Opportunities
  • shield_smallDuplicate Payments

Cleansing Your Vendor Master File

Technology Insight provides customers with a comprehensive analysis of their Vendor Master File. By following our 5-Step cleanse program, this daunting task becomes quite manageable. A good benchmark for this process is to make sure that 65% of the vendors available in the active system are of active usage in the past 12 months. The 65% benchmark is an excellent indicator that underlying business processes are thoroughly optimized.

In order to complete the cleanse, one must:

  • shield_smallDeactivate Vendors Never Used
  • shield_smallDeactivate Vendors Not Used Within 48 (Or 36 Or 18) Months
  • shield_smallDeactivate Duplicate Vendors
  • shield_smallAnalyze Remaining Vendors for Missing Data
  • shield_smallMatch and Verify Taxpayer Identification Numbers

Doing this once is not enough – cleaning your Vendor Master File needs to happen on a regular basis, or you will find yourself right back where you started. Maintenance of your Vendor Master File should be completed monthly.

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