Reports and Metrics

Operational analysis enables the A/P department to monitor how it does business, i.e. how it works with its vendors, how adherence to business process is followed throughout the organization, how well users are adopting to and adhering to a new policy, and more. This information enables management to enact changes to create a stronger, more effective A/P function.

Unfortunately, detailed information is hard to get one time, let alone on a routine basis. ERP systems provide limited information and I.T. is often restricted by resource availability, and sometimes technical ability.

DataShark A/P contains over 200 detailed, operational reports and metrics. This highly customizable solution ensures A/P is equipped with ongoing, detailed analysis that enables it to monitor business processes, increase efficiency, and minimize risk.

Root Cause Analysis

Understanding the root cause of lost profits is imperative. It is through this knowledge that you will be able to reduce future occurences. This information is the only way you can be sure to minimize future errors within your accounts payable organization.

Technology Insight provides its clients with detailed reasoning behind the cause of their lost profits. By understanding the root cause of mistakes, our clients are able to target breakdowns in business processes and increase the efficiency of their businesses.

Web Based Audit Management

When using an external solution, Accounts Payable managers are often presented with two challenges: lack of visibility in the contact of company’s vendors, and the additional strain on A/P resources that a project can bring.

Technology Insight has evolved to the point where A/P managers should expect complete visibility of our activity with their vendor base, and that we provide the infrastructure and support necessary to minimize accounts payable’s resource needs in the overall management of a campaign.

We understand the value of your supplier base and the resource strain accounts payable is constantly under. Technology Insight provides its accounts payable Recovery Audit Services customers with a web-based audit management tool that provides our clients with complete visibility on our activities with their vendors, while our proprietary technology enables accounts payable to efficiently manage the recovery audit project from their side.

DataShark A/P’s Analysis Features Also Include:

  • shield_smallDetailed reports to help you clean and maintain your vendor master file.
  • shield_smallComprehensive vendor analysis to target breakdowns and opportunities.
  • shield_smallCustom reports created to meet your unique needs.
  • shield_smallAnd much more.

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