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DataShark A/P

Pricing is Determined by

  • Number of Annual Invoices
  • Frequency of Data Loads
  • Number of ERP Systems

Fixed Fee

Recovery Audit

Rate is Determined by

  • Amount of Spend Analyzed
  • ┬áNumber of Vendors to Contact
  • Number of Annual Invoices


Frequently Asked Questions

What ERP Systems Do You Analyze?

We can work with any ERP System. Extraction scripts are provided for SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, JD Edwards, Bpix, and Lawson. Otherwise, we can aid you in the data load.

How Long Does a Recovery Audit Take?

A typical Recovery Audit takes approximately 12 weeks. Of course, there are certain variables that may add or subtract time from this estimate.

What is the minimal amount of data required for a Statement Audit?

To complete a Statement Audit, one must provide their Vendor Master File (with all contact information) as well as the past 2 years of spend by vendor.

How Much is the Fixed Fee?

There are several variables that determine the rate of the fixed fee. If you would like a quote, please Request a Trial with a representative.

How Often Can I Do Data Loads?

Clients have freedom in determining the frequency of Data Loads. They can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

What About Services Not Listed On This Page?

For Services such as DataShark Supply Chain, and Consortium Purchases, we will provide a quote directly to you. Please Request a Trial with one of our representatives.