How to Hunt Down Duplicate Payment Errors and Reduce False Positives

Even with a diligent Accounts Payable department, how can you distinguish between mistakes and false positives? DataShark can do it for you.
For A/P departments that engage in loss recovery programs, false positives are the fly in the ointment: traditional audit tools either miss duplicate payment errors or are disrupted by a flood of false positives.
For the best results, you need a tool that has been tailor-made to reduce the noise of false positives. Technology Insight has created that tool: DataShark. Our powerful algorithms are programmed to seek out every duplicate payment error with speed and accuracy, all while minimizing the frequency of false positives. You can focus on streamlining your A/P department – DataShark will take care of the rest.

This guide will help you:

  • Determine the risk posed by duplicate payment errors
  • Define the impact of false positives on loss recovery systems
  • Pinpoint the most common triggers of false positives
  • Identify the most effective ways to remove false positives
  • Learn about the benefits of the DataShark tool
  • Understand what makes DataShark uniquely powerful, from algorithms made for P-card transactions to a proprietary manual refinement process