Vendor Master Files: Why They Matter and How to Maintain Them

Vendor Master Files are the backbone of an Accounts Payable department. Here’s a comprehensive guide to maintenance best practices.
Cleaning up an A/P department’s Vendor Master Files is a constant battle. It’s also essential: enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems rely on them. When you have duplicate or inaccurate files, your A/P department will face errors and an increased workload.
Managing your Vendor Master Files is an ongoing process, but it’s one that pays off. To help you create a plan of attack, we’ve compiled a detailed list of best practices and maintenance strategies.

Highlight features & benefits

  • Understand the importance of properly maintained Vendor Master Files
  • Discover best practices for file management
  • Develop a Vendor Master File organization process
  • Learn how to clean up existing files with our 5-Step Cleanse program
  • Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your A/P department