Tools to Collaborate and Save

Collaboration amongst multiple supply chain organizations with common materials, commodities, and/or services can generate millions of dollars in savings and reduce. A key component to this process is having the technology to make and support the decisions.

Technology Insight provides the tools needed for a company to start its own consortium purchasing group.

Our Consortium Purchasing Solution Includes

  • shield_smallDetailed analysis to understand common materials, commodities, and suppliers to target opportunities with the greatest savings potential.
  • shield_small100% visibility on what each member pays for materials for overseeing member.
  • shield_smallAbility for any member to analyze their data only.
  • shield_smallReports that enable each member to see the % their data represents to the consortium for any given material, commodity, or service.
  • shield_smallContract compliance monitoring to ensure members are receiving and paying the new, negotiated price.
  • shield_smallAnd much more.

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