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    Cutting-edge Accounts Payable data analysis software. Advanced algorithms. Comprehensive, automated analysis. A team with over 20 years of experience. Duplicate payments, payment errors and manual A/P processes don’t stand a chance.

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    DataShark A/P

    • 343


      Invoices Analyzed



      In Identified Errors

    • The Best Accounts Payable Data Analysis Software in the Business

      Discover issues early, before they go out the door. DataShark compiles all your department’s data — from multiple ERPs to p-cards to invoices — and hunts through it for errors, fraud, duplicates, unclean vendor files and more. With DataShark, you can:

      • Identify and prevent errors with more accuracy and fewer false positives than any other Accounts Payable data analysis software
      • Perform root cause analysis to reduce frequency of errors, identify risk and improve efficiency
      • Create and automate a wide range of reports for your A/P environment

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    Recovery Audit

    • 100


      Received Recoveries

    • Recovery Services that Pay for Themselves

      Recover funds you didn’t even know were missing. It’s the perfect marriage of a statement review, advanced algorithms to identify payment errors and professional recovery services that include:

      • Analysis of duplicate payment errors and insights to prevent future errors via Accounts Payable data analysis software
      • Identification of any unclaimed credits or rebates
      • Respectful and effective communication to recover funds
      • Non-invasive, prompt services based on a contingency fee — we only get paid if you do

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    Statement Audit

    • 97


      Customer Retention

    • A Full Inspection of Vendor Statements

      Review your vendor statements without lifting a finger. Get complete insight into your vendor transactions with:

      • An off-site, hassle-free inspection by our audit team
      • Thorough analysis of your vendor statements for any issues
      • Identification of open or outstanding credits

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      Wondering if you have lingering payment errors or risks? Unsure if your A/P department is operating at peak performance? Get all those answers and more with our fast, comprehensive assessment of your A/P environment — and get a free two-week trial of DataShark as a bonus.

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