With cutting edge technology and 20+ years experience in accounts payable analysis, our software and services are the industry standard for A/P department error correction, recovery and prevention

We use the most advanced algorithims for error detection and duplicate payment recovery to help protect your bottom line. Further, we provide you with the necessary tools to prevent future errors in A/P

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“DataShark A/P paid for itself…in the trial alone. Even after using the service for the year, we were able to have a 100 percent return on our money immediately,  just from the results of the free trial.”

-VP and Treasurer, $10B Medical Services Company

  • DataShark A/P

    A tool to identify and prevent duplicate payments, fraud, and other accounting errors. Discover issues early, before they go out the door.

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  • Recovery Audit

    Receive a full analysis of your A/P accounts, and recover lost funds. The perfect combination of a statement review and our advanced ERP analysis.

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  •  Statement Audit

    For those who only want a review of their vendor statements, our Audit Team will identify open credits and other issues. Off-site and hassle free.

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