P-Card Analysis
June 20, 2018 – 3:00pm EST / 12:00pm PST

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  • When analyzing company data, you must answer three distinct questions: What is happening in your organization? What is the root cause? And what does it mean for the company’s future?

    The first question is not subjective – the facts are set in stone. But the next two could be answered in completely different ways, depending on who is looking at the data. Perception is an important part of analysis that is often overlooked.

    When it comes to financial data, important decisions are made from the results of the analysis. It is essential to ensure that you are viewing your data from all angles.

    Join Karl Andersson, CEO of Technology Insight, as he discusses how different perceptions can impact accounting departments and their overall performance.

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About Our Presenter

Karl Andersson has devoted his career to helping organizations improve their business processes. For 15 years, he has worked with multitudes of Fortune 500+ companies as the CEO of Technology Insight. Before this, he spent 10 years working in the audit and consulting sectors, which included large international projects in both Europe and Asia.

Karl brings to his webinars a combination of industry expertise and real-world experience. The diversity of his clients has allowed him to understand a variety of industries, and the unique challenges that each of them face. Attendees will receive extensive insight into how data solutions have succeed and failed in real corporate environments.