Accounts Payable Recovery Audit Services

Increase A/P’s Impact on the Bottom Line

Duplicate payments, overpayments, payments to wrong vendors and other open credits not captured through internal controls or the controls in the company’s ERP system, i.e. SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, amongst others, can represent millions of dollars in lost profits to a company if not recovered.Resource constraints or complex A/P environments with high volumes of transactions and/or multiple systems can prevent accounts payable from fully recovering all that is due to the company.

Recoup More Lost Monies Sooner

Technology Insight’s Recovery Audit Services ensure you recoup lost monies not captured through your internal controls or ERP controls.Our audits are performed nearly, if not 100%, all off-site, minimizing the strain on your A/P resources.

Underlying Technology Insight’s Recovery Audit Services is a foundation comprised of the most advanced technology in the industry powering our ability to work with large volumes of data from one or multiple, disparate systems – any system, including p-card and T&E, and any number of systems.It is this that sets us apart from other service providers by enabling us to perform a deeper, more comprehensive analysis of your data, efficiently.  This means increased recoveries within a shorter time frame. Technology Insight will start to deliver returns within 30 days.

Technology Insight’s Accounts Payable Recovery Audit Services include:

Recovery Audit Services many be used independently or in conjunction with our DataShark A/P solution.
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