Recovery audit uncovers misappropriation of state department funds

The Office of the Ohio State Auditor recently released its findings from a recovery audit performed on the Springboro Building and Zoning Department.

According to the Dayton Daily News, approximately $2,088 in taxpayer funds was missing from the department's accounts, leading State Auditor Dave Yost to demand a repayment from the organization's former secretary, Denise Payne. The audit found that the amount was never deposited into the account after the money was received for city permits. Additionally, there were several instances of missing fees for issued permits, which totaled $67,161, and investigators are not sure where the money went, writes the news source.

The office's report revealed that there was a significant lack of financial documentation within town's Building and Zoning Department. Evidence of the theft was reported last year, and Spingboro's financial director contacted the state auditor's office to report the misappropriation. The examination revealed that some permit forms were voided when paid with cash, and there was no record of the funds being deposited.

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