Recovery audit releases findings for Ohio school system

After an AP audit revealed that the former treasurer of a school system in Ohio had been stealing funds from the organization’s accounts, district officials began workingto moveon from the illegal activity. One step that was taken was to launch a recovery audit, the findings of which were recently revealed and stated that the school system is owed more than $12,000 from the theft.

According to the Youngstown News, the recovery audit found that approximately $12,720 is due to the Liberty Local Schools in Liberty Township, Ohio. These results stem from the systems’ former treasurer, Tracy Obermiyer, paying herself more than her authorized salary over a period of several years. The news source notes that Obermiyer wasrequired to pay $4,920 back to the district, as a previous audit has discovered she overpaid herself by that amount in 2010.

The recent recovery audit also found that the school organization had put too much money into Obermiyer’s retirement account, and she also overpaid $5,173 into the same account, reports WKBN-TV. It was revealed that Obermiyer made excess deposits into her retirement account, and while she could have been granted the approval to do this by the school district board, she did so without authorization. This is illegal activity that could result in criminal charges, writes the source.

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