Recovery audit identifies Missouri as most shortchanged by Medicare

According to the first Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services report to Congress on the National Recovery Audit program, healthcare providers in Missouri were the most shortchanged in the nation, the Kansas City Business Journal reports.

Specifically, Missouri providers were owed more than $3 million in Medicare underpayments during fiscal year 2010 – which ended on the last day of September – and paid back $2.3 million in overpayments.

Missouri belongs to the 17-state Region D, which is also comprised of states and territories including Alaska, Hawaii, and American Samoa. Within that region, it had the highest rates of errors involving improper coding and issues related to the discharge of patients to places other than their homes.

The program was launched nationwide at the beginning of last year in order to oversee the nearly one billion claims submitted by more than one million providers on an annual basis. In its first year, more than $92 million worth of improper payments were corrected by RACs – 82 percent of which were overpayments. 

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