Recovery audit for Ohio city leads to thousands of dollars in findings

A recovery audit for Albany, Ohio, found that the village has more than $14,000 in recovery findings due to a lack of documentation and other discrepancies.

According to the Athens Messenger, the recovery audit report from the Ohio State Auditor's Office revealed that for the fiscal years of 2010 and 2011, Albany failed to accurately document several payments to vendors, which resulted in $14,335 in findings due to overpayments. Mayor Tim Kirkendall told the news source that the municipality has already recovered some of the funds, and the village is working with county officials to collect the rest.

Ohio State Auditor Dave Yost said there was a total of three findings for recovery. One included more than $10,000 paid to a law firm, in which there was a sufficient lack of documentation to prove that the money was used for public purposes. The Auditor's Office stated that the amount from the firm has already been paid back to the city. Another finding includes non-documented payments made to former Albany fiscal officer Tim Crow, which were to be used for health insurance related expenses.

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