Recovery audit finds Wellsville fiscal officer accidentally made payments for another city

Dale Davis, fiscal officer for the village of Wellsville, Ohio, mistakenly used the town's funds to pay debt owed by the village of Washingtonville, Ohio, where he also serves as fiscal officer.

According to the state auditor's report, a recovery audit found that Davis paid the Ohio Works Commission a total of $2,345.00 from Wellsville, which was an outstanding debt owed by Washingtonville. The report states that the amount was paid back in full to Wellsville from Washingtonville in late February.

An article in The Review says that the error was noticed during a routine audit for 2010 and 2011 by the state auditor's office. Spokesman for the auditor's office, Mike Maurer, states he believes the transaction was an accident. Both Wellsville and Washingtonville had borrowed money from the Ohio Public Works Commission, and Davis thought he was paying the funds back on behalf of Wellsville, when it was in fact Washingtonville.

"It's believed this was not a case of malfeasance but a mistake," Maurer said to the Review.

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