Ohio charter school under investigation after audit

The Ohio Auditor's Office recently released a report which found that a charter school on Pendleton had overpaid an employee thousands of dollars, as well as possible committed several ethics violations.

According to The Community Press & Recorder, a recovery audit revealed that the Value Learning and Teaching (VLT) Academy paid $3,333 more to employee Keenan Cooke, who serves as the institution's information technology director during the 2010-2011 school year for unknown reasons. VLT treasurer stated that the overpayments were made in error and were miscalculated. Auditors issued a finding for recovery of the total amount, which Cooke will be required to pay back, and have suggested that steps be taken to ensure financial discrepancies do not occur again.

The Ohio State Auditor's office stated that there were several instances of ethics violations that were uncovered by the audit as well. In one situation, VLT Academy hired the services of a janitorial company which submitted the highest bid among other businesses. The report says that this could be going against Ohio ethics laws, as the firm is owned by someone who works for the school. Additionally, the daughter of VLT's superintendent was hired for a summer contract, but the agreement was not included in the school's financial statements.

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