Mississippi state auditor releases recovery audit results

The Office of the Mississippi State Auditor recently released a report detailing the misappropriation and misspending of public funds in Fiscal Year 2011, as well as the recovery audit actions taken to recoup and return the funds.

The report indicates that more than $956,000 was recovered, ranging from the collection of 35 cents from a Department of Public Safety employee who misplaced a piece of equipment to $1.2 million embezzled by a Jackson County accounting clerk. Nearly $935,000 was recouped by the Investigative Division, while the Property Audit division recovered more than $17,000.

Last month, the auditor's office presented a $110,000 check to District 4 supervisor Gary Ross as reimbursement for funds embezzled by former Alcorn County District 2 Supervisor Danny Crotts in 2008, according to the Clarion-Ledger.

"It's been a long process, but the auditor's people have done a great job for us, and we were able to recoup those funds," said Ross, quoted by the news source.

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