Louisiana audit finds evidence of fraud within Evangeline Parish

According to the Daily World, the Louisiana Legislative Auditor recently released a recovery audit that detailed several significant discrepancies within the Evangeline Parish Police Jury – including overtime and timesheet falsifications that led to employees receiving an extra $16,420 between January 2007 and December 2009.

The audit found that Region A supervisor Donald Thomas regularly paid himself and other employees for overtime hours that had not been worked. After the Police Jury received a preliminary report of the audit in late January, Thomas was placed on unpaid suspension along with three other employees.

Additionally, state bid laws may have been violated in connection with the purchase of tires, and police juror David Manual is also accused of forging invoices and price quotes during the process of purchasing a tractor and cutter.

"We've been working with this for a while. There's like a year, year and a half that this has been going on," said police jury president Eric Soileau, according to KATC News. "Numerous policies and procedures … are in place now that would prevent a lot of this from happening."
Soileau said that the Police Jury – which is now facing potential layoffs – hopes to recoup the funds lost to improper services, purchases and payroll.

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