Iowa gambling center ordered to repay funds following recovery audit

A recovery audit of the Eastern Iowa Center for Problem Gambling requires the center to pay back more than $100,000 follow a recent accounts payable recovery audit of the center, which closed in 2008.

According to the report, the audit requires a recovery of state funding totaling $38,693 in excessive pay to the center's director, excessive travel allowances of $29,359, improper vacation payments of $4,872, improper credit card use of $14,254, and $27,032 in expenses on the center's credit card.

"According to former employees of the center we spoke with, the board did not meet or play an active role in the administration of the center. The employees we spoke with stated they could not recall when a board meeting was held, and the board did not review or approve the center's financial transactions or provide oversight," the auditor's statement read.

The Indianapolis Star reports that Iowa State Auditor David Vaudt was made aware of the improper payments after a March 2008 tip alerted his office about inappropriate financial use at the center and an inability from state officials to obtain pertinent documents.

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