AP recovery audit uncovers extensive financial mismanagement in Virginia county

A recent accounts payable recovery audit found that the twice-elected treasurer of Goochland County, Virginia, embezzled more than $180,000 of county funds, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

State Auditor of Public Accounts Walter J. Kucharski estimated that an additional amount that totaled nearly $50,000 was lost as a result of accounting errors.

The investigation found that some documents had not been looked over for years, and a system of checks and balances was virtually nonexistent, according to the newspaper. A total of 192 returned checks that amounted to more than $13,000 were discovered – one of which was 14 years old.

"Basic controls and operational processes common to any treasurer's office do not exist within this office," wrote Kucharski in his report, as quoted by the news source.

According to Kucharski, the county's efforts to recoup its losses were severely mitigated by the fact that the system was so compromised.

"Because of the numerous problems cited in this report, we question whether either the accounting system or spreadsheets represent reliable financial information," he said.

Former treasurer Brenda Grubbs is scheduled to appear in court next month for arraignment on 20 felony counts of embezzlement, money laundering and attempted embezzlement, the Goochland Gazette reports. 

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