Constructing a picture of the typical embezzler

According to a profile put together by Massachusetts-based litigation support and security consulting firm Marquet International, the typical embezzler is in their late 40s, has no prior criminal history and is likely to be female.

The 2011 Marquet Report on Embezzlement examined accounts payable audits and other data from 473 misappropriation cases. Investigators found that nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of the cases involved women. This makes embezzlement one of the only crimes more likely to be committed by women than men, the Missoulian reports.

According to Daniel Doyle, a co-chair of the University of Montana Department of Sociology, the preponderance of female embezzlers is probably due to the fact that more women than men work as clerks or office managers. Additionally, the crime doesn't require physical prowess.

"You don't have to be large, you don't have to carry a weapon," he told the news source.

Linda Grounds, an Oregon forensic psychologist, evaluated 26 female embezzlers and pinpointed three main motivations: meeting basic needs or funding indulgences, supporting a gambling habit and maintaining a shopping addiction.

The Marquet Report identified several other motivating factors, including substance abuse and a belief of entitlement.

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