Audit recommends numerous improvements to Ohio city

An investigation by the Ohio State Auditor recently found the city of Marion to be in material non-compliance after city officials failed to meet the deadline to submit a 2009 annual financial report, according to the Marion Star. City auditor Kelly Carr attributed the delay to a software upgrade.

"The people of Marion shouldn't have to wait 15 months to learn about the financial health of their city," said state auditor Dave Yost, who called for improvements in the city's monitoring, bank reconciliations, annual financial statements, investments, income tax allocation, appropriations, purchasing authorization controls, and budgetary expenditures accounting system, as well as matters related to federal awards.

A number of control issues were identified by the audit – including failure to obtain proper authorization for the expenditure of city funds – and the report also noted that some officials had not undergone training on how to operate the accounting software used by the city. Budgetary issues included making appropriations that exceeded actual resources. Carr said that audit solutions have already been implemented and many of the problems have been corrected.

Elsewhere in Ohio, Cincinnati-area charter school P.A.C.E. High School was recently ordered to pay $261,438 to the state after an audit revealed that it accepted state funds for students who were not enrolled, according to the Columbus Morning Call.

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