Second San Mateo county embezzlement scheme still under investigation

A woman accused of stealing $250,000 worth of public funds while working for the Mid-Peninsula Water District of San Mateo county, California, is continually involved an ongoing investigation reports the San Mateo Daily Journal.

The source says the alleged embezzler, Cathy Remeleh, was uncovered when another worker who took over her position during a leave of absence in December 2011 and noticed several financial discrepancies within the district’s records. The terminated administrative service manager had stored personally granted checks in a cabinet, according to the Daily Journal, which were found during her time away from the office.

It has been almost a year since Remeleh was accused following a brief recovery audit by the county, and Karen Guidotti, Chief Deputy District Attorney of San Mateo county, told the source she anticipates her office’s investigation to be finished by early March of this year.

“We are hoping that the investigation will be complete within 30 days,” she said.

Remeleh’s act was not the first embezzlement attempt in the county, as The San Francisco Chronicle reported a similar crime less than a year before the Water District case. Two women working for the Mosquito and Vector District, the source says, got away with taking $450,000 before being arrested for the crime in early 2011. The Chronicle states former finance director Jo Ann Seeney and her assistant Vika Sinipata were found to have abused office credit cards as well as transferring public funds directly to their private bank accounts.

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