Michigan audit finds child support payment practices to be sound

According to the Detroit News, the Michigan Auditor General recently released a report which concluded that the state's collection and distribution of child support payments is effective. However, several areas that need improvement were also identified.

"This report clearly illustrates our unwavering commitment to holding parents accountable for the financials support of their children," said Martha Corrigan, director of the state's Department of Human Services (DHS), according to the news source.

The Michigan State Disbursement Unit, which is overseen by the DHS, collected and processed approximately $3.2 million in child support payments during the two-year period that was examined. The report recommended that quality assurance and payment documentation procedures be reviewed, and that adequate measures be taken to prevent office employees with a personal interest in child support cases from accessing information.

The situation in Michigan is considerably better than that of Missouri, according to a recent report released by state auditor Tom Schweich. A recent audit found that of the Missouri Department of Social Services – Children's Divison cases that were reviewed, half of payments lacked documentation or were not in compliance with department policies, as reported by the St. Louis Business Journal. Additionally, 22 percent of cases lacked eligibility documentation.

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