California woman sentenced for embezzling from farming company

Any time finances are involved, business leaders cannot take the risk of being lax with their management strategies. If accounts are not well-monitored, it’s possible that organizations will encounter internal fraud or other errors that could require a thing to remember is that if staff members see a company’s management as indifferent to its financial health, this could be taken to mean that stealing won’t be discovered or even punished. The source stressed that while it is critical for workers to know their organization’s leadership trusts them, this is no reason to reduce oversight. Reaching a balance between not micro-managing personnel and showing that they will be held accountable for their actions is key.

Additionally, using audit solutions is a critical part of any strong financial strategy. The source recommended that companies should audit their record-keeping systems at lease once a year to ensure all operations are being conducted as expected. This way, the chances are high that if any crimes are occurring, they will be noticed before thousands – or even millions – of dollars are lost.

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