Audit solutions reveal Portland police, fire department over budget on improvement projects

When undertaking large projects, it can be easy for spending to get out of hand, and if left unchecked, this can derail all plans and developments. Once a group finds where it's going wrong using audit solutions, it can begin to make efforts to recover funds.

The Oregonian recently reported that audit solutions have uncovered just how far over budget Portland's public safety technology project is. Officials have spent an extra $9 million on the plan, which includes updates to various police and fire departments tools. The news source noted that the venture was initially slated to finish in 2012 but has been pushed to the end of 2015. 

"If project costs continue to increase, the city must find additional resources, reduce the scopes of projects or take other actions," the audit said, according to the news provider.

The audit further cited issues with management as the cause of financial discrepancies, as several project managers had worked on the initiatives since outset. Additionally, these individuals were not given clear roles, likely leading to confusion as budgets were managed. 

The public sector may benefit from stronger budget assessment solutions to keep miscalculations, including mistakes like duplicate payments, from damaging outcomes. Portland is not alone – an audit conducted by the U.S. Government and Accountability Office found that only 14 of 48 enterprise resource planning ventures currently being conducted by the U.S. military are on track in terms of costs and timelines.

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