Audit solutions find improper use of city accounts

The use of audit solutions plays a key role in keeping organizations running as smoothly as possible. In one recent case, it was revealed that some local government officials in Beech Grove, Indiana, had been mismanaging community funds.

According to The Indy Channel, audit solutions discovered that former Mayor Joe Wright had spent funds intended for use on public-facing projects on the production of a video to promote his re-election. Investigators confirmed that nearly $2,500 of taxpayer money had been spent on the film.

The current mayor, who ordered the audit, told the source that he will be working to correct the errors of the previous administration, which also included numerous bookkeeping inaccuracies and severely delayed payments to vendors.

The Indianapolis Business Journal added that Beech Grove's budget for 2011 was $28 million, but that due to the accounting inaccuracies, officials overspent by $609,781.

When audit solutions are used to uncover improper handling of funds, the outcome is often positive in the long run. In order to rectify accounting issues, shortcomings must be found. Once errors come to light, organizations may be able to move forward for a more successful future.

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