Audit finds questionable spending at Iowa volunteer fire department

According to the Chicago Tribune, a state audit has revealed more than $24,000 in questionable spending at a volunteer fire department in the small town of Modale in western Iowa – including more than $4,600 that was spent on alcohol and ice.

The audit, which focused on the period between January 2006 and January 2010, also found multiple department bank accounts that were not monitored by the city council.

"Disbursements from separate department accounts which were to support the operations of the department were obligations of the city, which should have been subject to review and approval of the city council," wrote state auditor David Vaudt, as reported by the news source.

Other suspicious spending included unsupported reimbursements and cash withdrawals, excessive gas bills and the purchase of two pickup trucks that were not owned by the department. Additionally, the audit raised questions about the handling of donations.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, during the period studied by the audit, the position of Modale Fire Department chief changed hands eight times and the position of treasurer changed hands three times.

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