AP audit will uncover amount stolen by former police department worker

An Oregon community is conducting an accounts payable audit following the alleged embezzlement by a former police department employee who used the office's computers to hack into financial resources.

The Register-Guard reports the amount of funds town officials will find via audit solutions is unknown to the Cottage Grove Police Department, and the extent of the theft may be limited as the state's laws restrict convictions to crimes of this kind to three years. The source reports because the accused employee is a public worker, the organization may be able to extend its investigation to six years back. 

A statement by the police department said financial records are being scrutinized thoroughly, but the AP audit will take time as the former worker took care in making illegal transactions look like authorized payments. Because the Register-Guard says local residents are requesting information regarding the AP recovery regularly, the department will post press releases every few weeks.

KMTR-TV says the alleged embezzler was directly responsible for managing utility bills at the Cottage Grove Police Department. The worker was terminated following the discovery of accounts payable misappropriations.

Organizations with similar suspicions of duplicate payments, accounts payable leaks or other financial discrepancies can rely on accounts payable recovery professionals to help uncover the facts.

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