AP audit reveals nearly $1 million stolen from historic pharmacy

Debra Sells Elkins, a 58-year-old woman from Greensboro, North Carolina, pocketed $800,000 of unearned cash over at least five years, News & Record reports.

Elkins, who worked as the general manager and bookkeeper of a historical pharmacy in her hometown, Brown-Gardiner Drug Co., was the successor to the titles after her mother passed away in 2008, according to Our State North Carolina. The source claims that Imogene Sells, the accused Elkins’ mother, was the sole manager of the business’ operations for nearly 25 years.

Much of the accounts payable funds Elkins’ stole were meant to go toward the company’s state tax contributions, News & Record states. The source reports while Elkins spent the cash on such dalliances as a cruise vacation, a trailer and a workspace for her second business, it was a $10,000 withdrawal made from the business’ debit account to fund a motorcycle purchase that sounded alarms.

The replacement bookkeeper, Susan Caviness, said Elkins was an unexpected thief within the community.

“She was a very trusted, very valued employee,” she told the source. “She worked here about 14 years altogether, starting over at the soda fountain. But she turned out to be as dishonest as they come.”

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