Tennessee foster system falls victim to duplicate payments

A computer system snafu caused some Tennessee foster parents to receive duplicate payments from the state while others had their payments erroneously withheld.

In a recently published internal audit of the Tennessee Family and Child Tracking System (TFACTS) software, the state comptroller of the treasury revealed that the Department of Children's Services (DCS) had identified more than $2.5 million in duplicate, missed and inaccurate payments made to nonprofit organizations and parents, the Clarkesville Leaf Chronicle reports. 

According to DCS spokeswoman Molly Sudderth, a recovery audit indicated that approximately $600,000 still needs to be recouped.

The software has had numerous issues since it was rolled out in 2010. Deputy DCS commissioner Lee Gregory, who was hired specifically to fix TFACTS, identified problems ranging from coding errors in the software to a lack of appropriate staff training.

The comptroller's report zeroed in on manual payments as a primary cause of the inaccuracies, according to Computerworld. The manual payments were made in an attempt to correct the fact that some contracts did not correctly carry over to TFACTS from the previous system.

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