Residential college advisors may benefit from P-card system

Companies aren't the only entities that can reap the benefits of purchasing card (P-card) systems. In fact, some universities are also starting to leverage P-cards for improved operations.

According to The Princetonian, RCAs' personal bank accounts. The news provider explained that RCAs would submit numerous receipts to show how they'd spent their allocations. Switching to a P-card system also means because of increased visibility, there will be a lower chance of fraud.

Director of Student Life Devon Moore told The Princetonian that RCAs will be able to funnel the time and effort they once spent on managing their finances into "community building."

Because P-cards furnish organizations with a great deal of convenience, reduce the likelihood of abuse and minimize the chances of duplicate payments, many enterprises will find modernizing accounts payable through these tools is a strong choice that results in a better-managed, more successful business.

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