Nonprofit group head speaks out about Ron Paul duplicate payments

Earlier this month, Capitol Hill publication Roll Call reported that it had obtained documents suggesting presidential hopeful Ron Paul received duplicate payments from taxpayers, nonprofits, and political organizations.

At the time, Paul spokesperson Jesse Benton acknowledged the possibility that "wholly inadvertent errors were made in a handful of instances," but denied taxpayer funds had been inappropriately used. Instead, he proposed apparent duplications may have occurred due to someone accompanying Paul on flights between Washington, D.C. and his Texas Congressional district.

However, David James, head of the nonprofit group Liberty Committee, recently came forward with information suggesting Paul had been aware he was often reimbursed twice for flights.

"It never in a million years occurred to me that this man would be capable of what we can now see," James told the news source.

James said he first became aware of the duplication in March 2005, when Paul's office manager told him documentation for a plane ticket being paid by Liberty Committee had already been sent to the House Finance Office for reimbursement.

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