New York municipality, state program see evidence of duplicate payments

Whether they are made by mistake or on purpose, duplicate payments are financial errors that businesses and organizations want to avoid, as they can quickly become costly and recovering the funds can sometimes be a time-consuming process. In New York, one municipality and one social services program are working to rectify the duplicate payments situations they have recently come across.

According to Buffalo News, the town clerk for the city of Otto, Betty Huber, is under fire after an audit revealed that residents had been making duplicate payments to the municipality for tax expenses, and she failed to refund them the money. Overall, several local citizens are owed approximately $2,400 due to the additional payments. The investigation also found a severe cash shortage of $4,134 within Otto’s financial records. Auditors stated that Huber did not practice efficient bookkeeping processes, which is what likely led to the fiscal errors, the news source reports.

In a separate article, the newspaper writes that a New York state social services initiative, called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), had made duplicate payments to enrolled individuals. An audit found that approximately $7,523 was given out to 27 people, and the organization is currently working to recover the money.

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