Insufficient tracking system contributes to department’s improper payments

A recent performance audit report found that the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services continues to grapple with improper payments, The News Star reports.

The audit, released by the Legislative Auditor's Office, revealed that the Tracking of Time Services system used by the department does not have the necessary processes in place to highlight, track, recover and ultimately prevent erroneous payments, leading to thousands of dollars in improper payments being issued to ineligible recipients.

According to the audit, snafus caused by manually authorized payment processing resulted in approximately $19,000 in duplicate payments in fiscal year 2011. Additionally, the department was found not to have an adequate recovery audit system in place to identify and recoup improper payouts.

In a letter to the auditor, the department said it is in the preliminary stages of conducting research on its practices and recovery options.

"Consideration will include recovery percentages by third-party collection agencies, resource requirements, and return on investment analysis," the department wrote, as quoted by the news source.

Last month, an audit revealed that issues involving the tracking system used by the Tennessee Department of Children's Services led to more than $2.5 million in duplicate, missed and inaccurate payments, the Clarkesville Leaf Chronicle reports.  

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