FEMA duplicate payment dispute resolved, says senator

Last month, a U.S. Democratic Senator stood up for an Arkansas couple who were being targeted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency's efforts to recoup duplicate payments of disaster relief funds.

Gary and Dorothy Guglielmana of Mountain View received $27,000 from FEMA after a 2008 flood, despite being ineligible because of a local law. FEMA realized the mistake during a duplicate payment audit conducted earlier this year and asked the couple to pay back the money. Due to interest and debt collection fees levied by the IRS, the couple owed an extra $10,000 on top of the funding they had initially received.

Senator Mark Pryor went to bat for them by blocking votes on the Treasury Department's nominees in protest. He recently announced a "favorable resolution" had been reached that was satisfactory to the family and said he would no longer be withholding votes.

According to The Associated Press, the Guglielmanas are just two of more than 5,500 people who erroneously received approximately $22 million in funding since 2005.

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