Combating company susceptibilities to duplicate payments

As the result of a batch code error, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue recently sent more than 5,000 duplicate payment withdrawal transactions to financial institutions, the Associated Press reports.

According to department spokeswoman Stephanie Marquis, the error affected individual taxpayers and small business owners who had set up a payment plan after being delinquent in paying their taxes.

The following day, the money was refunded, and the financial institutions involved were told to waive any overdraft charges that may have occurred as a result of the mistake.

Business author Mary Schaeffer identified five common weaknesses within companies that can lead to duplicate payments. She recommends closely checking credit card payments and invoices, extinguishing purchase orders and receiving documents, ensuring that invoices are attached to check request forms, and establishing a rigid coding entry system to prevent electronic and printed invoices from both being processed for the same expense.

Additionally, it is important to analyze employee requests for travel and entertainment compensation in order to make sure workers are not committing fraud by submitting invoices while also asking for reimbursements on the expense report. 

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