California county computer hacked as part of duplicate payment scam

According to The Los Angeles Times, a Ventura County computer that was used to process online payments was recently hacked into as part of an illegal phishing operation that is thought to be based in the Philippines. About 35,000 residents who had paid property taxes or court fees with a credit card over the past several years were targeted, and received duplicate payment receipts through email. However, no personal data is thought to have been compromised.

Steven Hintz, the county's treasurer-tax collector, warned citizens to look out for subsequent emails appearing to be from the county.

"I haven't received any reports of a second set of emails, but I expect them," said Hintz, according to the news source.

The sheriff's office told members of the public to be suspicious of emails or phone calls about an alleged problem with processing their payments to the county, according to the Thousand Oaks Acorn. Instead of responding with credit card details, financial information, or personal identification, they should contact the Ventura County court or tax collector to ensure that they actually have a payment due.

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