AP audit uncovers two-year embezzlement scheme

The former secretary for a heating and cooling business in Fairfield, Connecticut, is facing embezzlement charges after an accounts payable audit revealed she had stolen more than $40,000 from her employer.

According to the Fairfield Daily Voice, Gwendolyn Varhalak, who worked for Britt Air LLC, is charged with first-degree larceny and second-degree forgery and is currently awaiting sentencing. Suspicion of the theft first arose when Varhalak was fired from her position and her replacement found evidence of the embezzlement. Investigators allege that the illegal activity took place over a period of two years, the source reports.

An AP audit was conducted shortly after the discovery of missing money. The Fairfield Citizen states that Varhalak is accused of writing checks to herself from Britt Air's accounts, as well as creating duplicate payments for payroll. To cover the theft, she would apply fraudulent checks to various vendor accounts to balance everything out, the news source writes. In total, Varhalak managed to steal approximately $41,000 from her employer.

This is not the first time that she has been accused of stealing money, the Daily Voice writes. In 2009, Varhalak was convicted of stealing more than $44,000 from another business that she previously worked for.

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