AP audit finds duplicate payments within city of Portland

An accounts payable audit for the city of Portland, Oregon, has found several discrepancies within the municipality's financial processes, including duplicate payments and employees being paid for contract work, which is against Portland's policies.

According to Oregon Public Broadcasting, an AP audit revealed that the city made duplicate payments to employees that had already been paid. Additionally, Portland had contracts with staff members who worked freelance outside of their normal working hours. This is a violation of city policy, as the municipality is not allowed to conduct contract business with current employees.

The AP audit report states that approximately 100 instances of duplicate payments were discovered, with many of them being paid out within three days of each other. Evidence was also found of Portland paying $18,000 to Cale, a parking meter company that supplied their products to the city. Cale did not have a business license at the time and therefore was not deemed in compliance with city regulations.

The audit report included recommendations for Portland to avoid instances of duplicate payments by comparing and analyzing financial data frequently. Additionally, more oversight should be given to current accounting processes and procedures.

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