When should you start worrying about fraud?

Unfortunately for company owners, fraud is not a rarity in the business world. Especially when organizations grow lax in their financial controls, it's very possible for even those most trusted employees to commit misdeeds. But when should an enterprise start seriously considering the use of various this could indicate they don't want anyone to uncover a secret while they're gone. However, the source noted that red flags won't be present in every situation in which financial fraud occurs.

Once fraud is suspected, Corporate Counsel suggested leaders consider beginning an investigation, which will include the use of audit solutions. The source pointed out that while some organizations are hesitant to examine potential cases of misappropriation because these measures can be costly, such efforts often pay off in the long run. Companies shouldn't forget that reputational loss can be a devastating effect of letting embezzlement or other crimes go unchecked.

AllBusiness.com similarly emphasized that prevention is critical when it comes to dealing with the potential dangers that exist in accounts payable. The news provider suggested that enterprise owners should use accounts payable audits frequently, as well as institute mandatory vacations and rotate employees among different job functions.

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