West Virginia woman gets prison sentence for embezzlement

Many organizations are concerned over the potential for employee fraud, but for some, these worries are more pressing than others. Especially when funds are limited, theft can take an unfortunate toll on operations.

According to The Register-Herald, Jacalyn Villars, a former Alderson, West Virginia, Town Hall employee, was recently sentenced to between one and 10 years in prison on embezzlement charges. The source noted that the total amount of the thefts has yet to be determined, but speculation places the figure at Justin St. Clair claimed that a forensic audit has been conducted and that the results will be presented at an upcoming restitution hearing.

WVVA-TV explained that Villars is believed to have been embezzling for several years, misappropriating the town’s accounts through fraudulent credit and debit card transactions, as well as other methods to make personal purchases.

For local governments, audit solutions play a critical role in keeping budgets under control. If finances are not properly monitored, it is possible that misconduct could result in negative impacts on the community.

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