Virginia town to undergo AP audit following embezzlement allegations

The state of Virginia is set to launch a large scale audit of more than a decade's worth of financial documents that were recently seized from the town of Urbanna in Middlesex County, the Daily Press reports.

The town's former administrator, its treasurer and a member of its rescue squad are under investigation for alleged felony embezzlement and grand larceny, but have yet to be indicted.

Among the documents seized were payroll records, credit card statements, bank statements and expense reports.

According to the warrant, "Additional checks written and signed by (the town's former treasurer) have been identified as payments to Verizon accounts not associated with the Town of Urbanna," the news source reports. Additionally, town money was used to pay off one of the former administrator's personal credit cards, and non-payroll checks were made out to at least one of the former employees for cash.

In cases where embezzlement is suspected, accounts payable audits often give the most insight into any mismanagement that may have occurred, including duplicate payments or unsupported employee reimbursements that could be evidence of malicious misappropriation of company funds. 

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