Village finance director sentenced to jail time following AP audit

The former finance director of Westmont, Illinois, was recently sentenced for misappropriating more than $45,000 after an accounts payable audit turned up inconsistencies in the village's record, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Lisa VanBogget was found to have written extra payroll checks to herself, in addition to using the village's credit card to cover personal purchases she made using eBay.

"The defendant took several European vacations, drove fancy cars and purchased gifts like collectible miniature cars, a Japanese sword, and jewelry, plus $120 for hair care products," said Assistant State's Attorney Helen Kapas Erdman, as quoted by the news source.

Prior to her August 2010 termination, VanBogget had worked for the village since 2007. She blamed her embezzlement on a shopping addiction for which she is currently in treatment, the news source reports.

"People have a cynical attitude about government these days, and it’s because of people like you," DuPage County Judge John Kinsella told VanBogget as he sentenced her to 120 days in jail and 150 hours of community service, according to the Chicago Daily Herald.

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