Two women involved in embezzlement scheme from their employers

Although they worked for separate businesses, two women in Wiggins, Mississippi, are being accused of conducting an embezzlement scheme, in which they each stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from their employers. An accounts payable audit revealed the theft of one of the women, which ultimately led them to discover the other woman's involvement.

According to WLOX-TV, Veronica Morse, who served as a teller for The Bank of Wiggins, allegedly embezzled more than $162,000 from the company over a period of three years, taking between $2,000 and $5,000 each week from the bank accounts. While the AP audit was being conducted, investigators noticed that Morse had been depositing a variety of checks into the bank account of Tina Gillespie, who was working as an executive secretary at the Stone County Economic Development Partnership.

As further research into Gillespie's account continued, investigators revealed that she had been stealing money from her employer by forging her boss' signature on hundreds of checks, reports the Sun Herald. In total, it is believed that Gillespie took $317,000 from the organization, but prosecutors state that the amount could increase. Morse and Gillespie were neighbors and friends, and although it is not certain they created the scheme, investigators say there is strong evidence of collaboration.

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