Town mayor facing embezzlement charges

When put into a position of leadership, many individuals strive to manage and oversee operations effectively and serve as an example to others. However, there are some leaders who make poor decisions, which not only lands themselves into trouble, but can negatively impact their businesses or organizations.

This is what happened with the mayor of Southaven, Mississippi, Greg Davis. According to The Associated Press, Davis is currently facing counts of embezzlement, false pretense and making fraudulent statements after an accounts payable audit revealed that he had stolen money from the town. Although the investigation is still ongoing, there was enough evidence initially to charge Davis for the illegal activity. The news source reports that he has been indicted on each of the counts against him.

WMC-TV states that Davis was first put under scrutiny after the AP audit uncovered several financial irregularities within Southaven's records. So far, the investigation has revealed that Davis requested a check from the town to pay dues to a "bully block," but the funds he owed were never delivered and he instead used the check to cover personal expenses. In addition, Davis purchased a vehicle, saying it was for Southaven use, but he never got the approval from the Board of Aldermen for the transaction. He also would fuel the truck from the town's gas pumps and then be reimbursed for the costs, although he never paid anything, the news source reports.

The full amount stolen has not been revealed as the investigation is still ongoing, and authorities believe that Davis could face even more charges once everything has been analyzed, WMC-TV writes.

"There are many, many more things that are going to be looked at. Some of it may be criminal, some of it maybe not. We are actively investigating other people as well," said DeSoto County District Attorney John Champion.

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