Suspended sentence ordered for Maine embezzler

With the help of tools such as Maine Tomorrow, the company that provided the legal business with administrative and secretarial services. She paid for hunting trips in Africa and Australia for her husband with the money.

“Ms. Robillard was not permitted to use that signature without advance authorization,” the lawsuit noted, as reported by the source. ”In fact, at no time did [Augur] ever authorize that a single check be made payable to Ms. Robillard from the business checking account of Augur & Associates.”

The crimes happened over the course of 18 months, between July 2007 and October 2008. Robillard wrote 23 fraudulent checks in total.

The temptation to commit financial crimes is great in some organizations, especially those that do not have strong controls in place to monitor accounts. By using audit solutions as a preventative measure, companies may be able to stave off theft before it begins to make an impact on the business’ well-being.

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