Small bonus leads to embezzlement charges for church business manager

When staff members take advantage of their positions and misappropriate money, they often need to justify their actions to themselves. Sometimes, when workers feel slighted by their employers, they attempt to rectify the situation in their own ways by embezzling funds from their organizations. course of 12 years, with Coyle making unauthorized personal purchases online with a church credit card. While he would often repay the church for his shopping, The Oklahoman asserted that this stopped after Coyle received a $1,000 bonus in 2010 when he had been anticipating a larger sum.

"He didn't feel like that was enough … that he was entitled to more," Assistant District Attorney Angela Songgera reportedly told the judge. "He felt like he was owed that."

North Carolina State University pointed out that rationalization is an important component of embezzlement in most cases, especially when individuals with no prior criminal record are involved. Perpetrators need to feel as if there is a good reason for their crimes, and feeling underpaid or cheated is one of the more common justifications. In addition to auditing accounts frequently, one preventative measure for companies can be to ensure salaries meet industry standards.

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